When running a successful event marketing program, event activation is a part of everything you do – but many involved in event marketing aren’t quite sure what it even is. At Ovation Inc., we think of it as a way to activate your brand or company through a strategic presence at events. It is arguably one of the most important parts of your overall event marketing strategy, and in many cases, it’s important to leave it up to an event marketing agency or seasoned event marketer to handle. We have found the best way to optimize an event marketing strategy or plan is to centralize all aspects – as opposed to working with several different companies/vendors. It’s one phone call. It’s one contact (+91 9811033953). Event Activation is a full turnkey process and covers every part of an event marketing program from start to finish, and all the very small details in between. It begins with establishing your overall event marketing strategy, from understanding your brand or company’s target audience to designing your display, formulating how to gather leads at the event, staffing your booth and much more.
We provide qualitative services for promotion activity that helps our clients in brand recognition and visibility of products. For this, we organize various modes of promotion that includes road shows, canopy promotion, in-shop promotion, branding, mall promotion, product launches, product promotion etc, that are mainly focused on the target market and end users. Our team includes experienced professionals, who assure trouble free and smooth implementation of activities within minimal budget. This is a process through which the message of the business or so called brand message is promoted into the crowd through some strategic campaign process. Market activation takes help of various communication tools like mobile, media, print, interaction and so on to maximise the result. This is a part of marketing process, which basically finds out the result and evaluates the analytical results.