Civil Projects

Welcome to the world of Ovation Inc. The Ovation Inc. is a professional company specialized on high-quality interior design, launched in august 2003 at New Delhi,India. Our wide spectrum of services includes professional interior design (for example designing whole levels of the Retail Stores, Offices, Show Rooms etc), but also furnishing for private clients. Co-working with well known Architects and Interior Designers made us specializing on creative and high-quality furnishing and interior design. Our strengths lie also in the innovative CAD/CAM/CNC/3DS MAX production in timber and metal.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is a composition of our corporate philosophy and our motto of providing high quality design. To always ensure the customer‘s satisfaction, to care about long term relationships with our customers and to be always focused on doing the best possible product, saves our positioning as a high-tech company that is able to be better than our competitors. These acts are the pillars of our vision. At Ovation Inc. we believe that the usage of creativity, technology and marketing combined with strategic planning is able to create incredible results. Always in mind that our client‘s vision needs to be satisfied, our actions are always focused on the realization of a professional, high quality product.