Event Marketing

Event marketing brings the advertising to the consumer by direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive displays. While advertising and major marketing programs blast millions of consumers with the same general messages on television or mass media, event marketing targets specific individuals or groups at gathering spots where they hope to make quality individual impressions. Whether you are at your local market, local mall or grocery store, there is an event marketing program there or, at the very least, waiting for you right around the corner.

What is Event Marketing ?

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing and advertising today. It’s everywhere you look in today’s culture although; you probably don’t readily recognize the majority of the event marketing programs when you see them. That’s because there are many flavors to event marketing and there are no hard rules about what exactly is and isn’t event marketing. That free sample of coffee you picked up from the Dunkin’ Donuts logo wrapped vehicle = Event Marketing. The huge, custom-converted tractor/trailer semi with dozens of Playstation 4 stations where you played the hottest new game titles while at the X Games = Event Marketing. Have you been on Spring Break or at a vacation hot spot and been approached by an attractive model who wanted you to sign-up or try something? That was an Event Marketing program in action.